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ACCUMULUS is a site-specific installation at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis (CAM) through the fall in 2015. The title of the project comes from the convergence of three ideas: Accumulation, Cumulus, and Us. As result of a semester-long of design, concept, and assembly process, the work is positioned within the cantilevered space above CAM’s entryway and finds its form through thousands of lightweight, interlocking wire and plastic panels, similar to the formation of a cumulus cloud, to designate not only a transitional space but also a gathering place—a place for us.

Participation and Interaction

Hidden within the entryway cantilever, ACCUMULUS can only be seen directly by visitors standing underneath, while the play of light and shadow it creates are noticeable from a distance, stimulating audience’s optical sensation and inducing their curiosity of observation and immersion. The objective is to encourage the audience actively participate in exploring the world around, rather than passively accepting readily available information, to maximize their cognitive abilities.

Step 1-site bw.jpg
Step 3.jpg
Step 4.jpg

Activate Space with Light

Light variation is a key element in this project. The changing sunlight throughout the day interact with the clear, reflective, and semi-opaque materials in varying shapes of thousands of modular panels, dappling the sidewalk and walls below with shadows and prismatic effects.

light effect diagram _Page_2.jpg
light effect diagram _Page_1.jpg
light effect-01.jpg
Material transparency-02.jpg

Bubble Structure and Module System

The entire volume is filled with smaller empty-volume ‘bubbles’ wrapped in a thin, translucent material, connected by wires. Just as bubbles, they are light, self-supported, and fill a large volume while use the minimal material.  

Module study.jpg
Accumulus AIA Award Image.png
Accumulus AIA Award Image4.jpg

Fabrication & Installation

Temporary Installation At Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis:  Jun - Aug 2015

Advanced Options Studio: 2015

Instructor: Lavender Tessmer, Jason Butz 

Credits: Jay Bassett, Qian Huang, Boxun Hu, Jeffrey Lee, Alex Melvin, John Patangan, Joseph Vizurraga, Lingfeng Zhang, and Yue Zhang

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