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Branchfood is one of the largest communities of food entrepreneurs in Boston that builds resources to support food entrepreneurs and collaborates with various stakeholders across the food value chain to bolster industry innovation. This project is interior renovation to upgrade the space to better serve the future program and events.


The design concept is derived from center-pivot irrigation. It’s a method of crop irrigation in which equipment rotates around a central pivot and crops are watered with sprinklers. The patterns, only truly seen from the sky, represent systems, production and organization with a pleasing aesthetic. Irrigation circles are a vital part of the earth’s food system. This concept is used for the branding as well as a guideline to tailor the space - laying out furniture, organizing membership wall, providing gridlines to graphics, etc. We also pull from the colors of the crop irrigation circles which offer earthy natural tones. 

2017.07.31 - Branchfood Brand Book_Page_
2017.07.31 - Branchfood Brand Book_Page_
2017.07.31 - Branchfood Brand Book_Page_

Furniture Layout Grid System

2017.07.31 - Branchfood Brand Book_Page_




2017.07.31 - Branchfood Brand Book_Page_

Perkins & Will Social Purpose Project: 2017

Client: Branchfood

Professional Work, Interior Design, SD, DD, CD

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