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Convergent Divergency


​Degree Project Book Award


The site is on the north side of the infamous Pruitt-Igoe site, which is characterized by dramatic population decline since 1960. It is close to being cleared by an eminent domain action in preparation for a potential National Geospatial Agency site. The project area is currently unsettled and under high public debate in relation also to Paul McKee’s North-side Regeneration Project. The degree project proposes the creation of an artist autonomy –Art Land Bank- to transform the vacant land and surrounding grassroots community into an art-spatial practice field, following a timeline for an artist lab in 2030, sponsored by Scisient Color Inc. as a hybrid condition of art and industry, community and corporation. Scisient Color is a color manufacturing business located just adjacent to the site. The major program areas include a color laboratory-plant, dye studio-fabrication space, and classroom-performance centers. From art to science, design to production, discussion to creating events, the artists are both practitioners and curators, leading an experimentation process to the visitors. This process becomes an artwork itself, bringing people with diverse interests back to this area.

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Degree Project: 2015

Instructor: Heather Woofter

Individual Work

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