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Repetitive Exoskeletal Elements


This project is finding common ground between fashion and architecture to develop a hybrid description that reveals the intent of the performance. It focuses on exploring issues of performance of complex surfaces at the scale of the human body. Investigating repetitive exoskeletal elements in both architecture and fashion precedents, it develops generative diagram and explores physical material, uses digital 3D modeling and fabrication. The outcome is a full scale mock-up of a performance-based skin system designed to fit onto a human body. It is not architecture, but deals with architectural issues of advanced building skin systems at the scale of the body. Nor is the final product solely in the realm of fashion, rather finds common ground between the two disciplines.

Generative Diagram: Fashion & Architecture

Case study 4 combined - opt 2
final_book_c&c group_Page_15.jpg
Case study 4 combined - opt 2 building .
final_book_c&c group_Page_15-architectur

Digital Process

Combined - background.jpg

Coding in Grasshopper

Materiality & Fabrication

final_book_c&c group_Page_27.jpg
final_book_c&c group_Page_27.jpg
final_book_c&c group_Page_49.jpg
fabrication .jpg
final_book_c&c group_Page_49.jpg
final_book_c&c group_Page_49.jpg
final_book_c&c group_Page_49.jpg

Performance Enhancing: 2015

Instructor: Chandler Ahrens

Collaborator: Christopher Taurasi 

Model: Duan Duan

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