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TECHNOKINESIS: Connecting and Awakening


We spend most of our time in indoors and it has a huge impact on our health. However, we often neglect or suppress our feelings and body status to the environment when our brains are busy on things around us - having meetings, learning, watching movies, sleeping, etc. Even if we do not consciously notice it, indoor environments still have significant impact on our body and mind.


Light is one of the main influences of our circadian system which regulates physiological rhythms in our brains, organs and tissues. By manipulating the lighting in the environment, Technokinesis bridges the divide between our sensations and surroundings, using brainwave sensors, custom software, and a wifi-enabled lighting device to detect and respond to eye fatigue levels,  creating a new relationship between inhabitant and environment, stimulating self-awareness by reflecting their inner experience onto their surroundings.

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Perkins & Will Innovation Incubator Grantee Award: 2018 

Scientific Research Advisor: Eve Edelstein, Ruchi Masand, Jacqueline Overton

Collaborator:  Luc Deckinga

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